Hot Apple Cider

Option 1: Fresh Hot Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate with our delicious and fresh baked cookies. Flavors include: Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Ginger. Our Ginger cookie is superb!     $4.25

Option 2: Our Fresh Hot Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate with a variety of our delicious cupcakes. Our flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet. We can also customize any requested flavor.     $4.50

Option 3: Our Fresh Hot Apple Cider & Hot Chocolate with Apple Pie Al A Mode (Fresh Apple Pie with a vanilla ice cream)     $4.75

Option 4: Fresh Cider & Hot Chocolate with moist cupcakes, Apple Pie Al A Mode, and all three flavors of our delicious cookies.     $6.95

We can customize any combination of our products to fit your needs.

Since inception in 2009, we have served over 25,000 customers our delicious Hot Apple Cider products. Although we cannot guarantee our Apple Cider will be the best you have ever tasted. We have had many, many compliments regarding just how delicious it is.

On average, we stay at each location about an hour, some jobs we stay longer if needed.

Please call or email Sam with any questions or to book your Fall tenant appreciation social or company event. (NOTE: Dates fill up quickly, so please reserve your date early.) To reserve your date, just send an email or call Sam at (202) 437-3350.

First time clients will receive $100 off our minimum. Our minimum price is $475.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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